ISBN 9780646498034

Take a refreshing look at Aspergers with a character who will win your heart.


Meet Jack a ten year old blessed with Asperger's Syndrome. Jack doesn't always see the world in the usual way and is constantly surprised by the amount of trouble he manages to find himself in. While celebrating his tenth birthday, Jack makes a promise to himself, to finally be accepted and become the most normal and popular kid in school. He gives himself a whole year...365 days...8,760 hours...575,600 minutes...31,536,000 seconds to achieve his dream. But as Jack counts down the seconds to normality he starts to question how normal the normal people really are and, in doing so, begins to value his own Aspergian traits. For being different isn't so wrong after all.


An engaging story, told with humour - refreshingly different.



Tremendaspie - The Guide

ISBN 9780646569529

This guide has been written to complement the novel, Tremendaspie. The Guide consists of different sections which correspond to each of the different chapters in Tremendaspie. Each section of The Guide helps explain each chapter, why Jack sees the situation the way he does and what can be done to help Jack with his anxiety and confusion in each situation.


Great for parents negotiating the world of Aspergers or for teachers trying to understand a pupil.


Unique and interesting way to learn about Asperger's Syndrome - for parent and teachers alike.




Tremendous Package

Buy both books together and save. Package includes one copy of Tremendaspie, one copy of Tremendaspie - The Guide and a Tremendaspie bookmark.